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Some manufacturers and individuals confuse the publicity and counterfeit our products for false transaction, seriously damaged the interests of the consumers, but also caused great market disruption. Recently, our company has received many requests from customers to help them make sure whether the products they bought are genuine or not. Here, we issue this statement to remind the consumers to pay attention to the anti-counterfeiting traceability of legitimate products and correct identification methods. 

Brand identification element---please identify the logo of SmartGen products.

Please pay attention to the discontinuation information, for instance, the original HGM6100U series were off production, the HGM6100N series are being on sale instead.

At present, we adopt bar code as the unique identification of each product.

The PCB board and shell are clearly marked.

If you have any questions about the authenticity of the product, please call our local office or the national service phone number to confirm.

The web site and contact number of SmartGen are as follows:


Tel: 0086-371-67988888/67981888/67992951

For any working unit or individual that carry out business activities in the name of "SmartGen", we will reserve the right to take further legal action!

Hereby declare!

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Our national people's efforts to fight against the novel coronavirus during the crucial stage of epidemic prevention and control are still vivid in our's mind. Saluting our lovely medical workers and the dedicators who work outside in order to early achieve the victory against the epidemic... They work day and night, racing against the clock that timely build protective barrier for us with full of love.

Chinese people have united together and made great contribution to early realization of anti-epidemic victory when facing the challenge. As a affectionate member of Chinese enterprises, SmartGen also devotes to the special needs of motherland and serves the society to its best with practical actions.

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, we have opened 109 cloud monitoring units for users free of charge and sponsored more than 100 modules, so as to realize remote monitoring of gensets without going out. We have made contributions for fighting against the epidemic and reducing outdoor activities like Zhengzhou Xiaotangshan, Wuhan Huoshenshan, Beijing Xiaotangshan......

At present, the epidemic has been well controlled in China, but the awareness of prevention and control cannot be relaxed. We will continue to dedicate our love and efforts to fight against the epidemic for our industry and our motherland. The sponsorships are still going on, and what you need is what we're willing to stick with; don't ask me why there are tears in my eyes, because we are a family!

Fighting together for early victory!

Fighting together for better tomorrow!

Fighting together for meeting soon!

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SmartGen has been involved in marine diesel control for 10 years.

We have devoted a lot, but compared with land-based genset control , the marine diesel control business doesn't perform well.

Over the past decade, we have come to understand that both the market and ourselves are not mean to defeat with but to get along with each other. Some things do not make sense, but we must believe them; some beliefs are not strong at first, but we still have to rely on them. Then prove it with action and stick to firmly!

In the past ten years, the machine diesel control products have been upgraded and optimized for many times and are becoming better and better. The process likes life, some rain is bound to fall, some days are painful indeed; however, there is no incurable pain, no end of the destruction. All the lost will be back in other way.

Good news of marine diesel control products coming from abroad recently. Italian luxury yacht was equiped with SmartGen power control system. When talking about yachts, the first to think of "Ferretti" yacht group, which is not only the largest in Italy, but also the largest luxury yacht design and manufacturing company in European; Italian yachts have been leading the trend of modern yachts with romantic, luxurious, elegant and other styles.

The yacht was powered by two MTU 12V engines:

Two marine diesel control modules of HMC9000A of SmartGen were applied:

Two 8-inch touch screen remote monitoring control modules of HMC9800RM were used in drivingConsole:

In addition, the yacht was equipped with 19kW and 22kW gensets respectively, the automatic power supply switching of two gensets (dispatching, balancing, main and standby operation modes) and shore power were realized by HAT832 (three power ATS control module).

The system solution is as follows:

Silently cultivate and spare no effort; where there is real ability there is fame.

With this common encouragement!

Ten years looking back with full of emotion!

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Passion, not just for partners.

Norms, not just regulation processes.

For the dream, burning youth.

A good job, waiting for you!!!

Recruitment positions


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HMP300-2 Power Integrated Protection Module was used for the main distribution board of 50000DWT Bulk Cargo Ship

HMP300 power integrated protection module is a high-performance control module developed by SmartGen in combination with the design requirements of marine power distribution system, which integrates the measurement and collection of parameters such as voltage, current, frequency, power and power quality of the generator, abnormal protection and communication transmission functions. It has been certified by CCS and was widely used in marine and land power distribution.

This series of module can be configured at the most four programmable output ports and and two programmable input ports, the designers with a HMP300 control module can reach ever need voltage protection, current protection, reverse power protection and frequency protection and voltage/current harmonic distortion rate and the electrical parameter collection that may kinds of single function module to achieve technical index, can protect diesel gensets, axle gensets and emergency gensets, significantly increase the system integration and cost-effectiveness ratio of AMS and the PMS system structures.

The harmonic detection function of HMP300 series control module

There are two submodels HMP300 and HMP300-2 designed for users to better meet different technical requirements:

HMP300 is equipped with a communication interface supporting CANBUS2.0B protocol, which is mainly used to communicate with the marine engine control module of SmartGen to achieve power data acquisition and display; The model also has differential protection, which can be used to protect the three-phase leakage current of generator or motor.

Differential Protection Mode of HMP300

HMP300-2 is equipped with RS485 interface supporting Modbus-RTU communication protocol, which is mainly used for generator and bus protection and transmission of information to the main logical control unit, and supports the function of customizing Modbus-RTU communication protocol. In addition, HMP300-2 is specially optimized for the protection of steady-state frequency fluctuation and transient frequency fluctuation of the axle geneset. Users only need one HMP300-2 to protect all the electrical parameters of the axle genset.

The backlight LCD (132x64) on the module can visually display the values of various electrical parameters and alarm information, and supports display Chinese and English. Users can switch the display interface and modify the core configuration parameters by touching the button.

Technical parameters of HMP300 series control module

Application example of HMP300-2 protection shaft belt genset

To help you better understand the design concept of the module, the following are some examples of parameters of HMP300-2 used in the protection projects of shaft belt genset: AC400V50Hz, 450KW, steady-state frequency fluctuation ±5.5%, 10s; transient frequency fluctuation ±11%, 5s.

Voltage Protection Parameter Setting

Frequency Protection Setting

Three-stage Overcurrent Protection Setting

Reverse Power Protection Setting

Programmable Output Port Setting

Digital Input Port Setting

User-defined Communication Protocal Setting

Harmonic Detection (HMP300-2 can detect odd harmonics of 3~31)

We also develop relays used for voltage, frequency, current, reverse power with single function and multifunctional protections, while in order to facilitate on-site debug and parameters configuration, SmartGen developes a special PC test software for each control module, users can access to relevant information from our website for free.

Information address for HMP300 power integrated protection module:

Information address for HMP300-2 power integrated protection module:

Information address for HPD300 reverse power protection relay multifunction protection:

Information address for HVD300 voltage detection multifunction protection:

Information address for HOC300 overcurrent protection relay multifunction protection:

Information address for HFT300 frequency detection relay multifunction protection:

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Congratulations~ HGM6100N series genset control modules has passed UL certificate authentication! The products meet standards of UL and CSA.

HGM6100N control modules has six variants


Automatic sart module, it controls genset to start/stop by remote start signal.


Based on HGM6110N/6110NC/6110CAN, it adds mains AC monitoring and mains/genset automatic switching control (AMF), especially suitable for the automation system composed by mains and genset.

lease identify the trademark and purchase channels.

Improving quality and competitiveness is always our driving force!

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In the previous four chapters, we respectively introduced the powerful display functions of HGM9420N/LT (with 16 built-in languages), as well as various extensions, synchronization switching, communication protocol customization, NEL((non essential load), dummy load, cloud monitoring, PLC, etc. This chapter we will introduce the functions and application methods of USB interface.

There are two kinds of USB interfaces of HGM9420N/LT. The USB drives in FAT32 format can be inserted through the Host USB interface to achieve the following functions.

Input or output of configuration parameters

1. Press  for more than 1s,then go to user menus of the following table.

2. Select the USB flash drive configuration with reading and writing, which could check, download, save and renew the configuration file.The configuration file suffix is.lgm.

3. Check the xxx. lgm configuration parameter file in the USB flash drive.

4. Download the configuration file in HGM9400NXXXX. lgm format to the control module.

5. Save the control module's configuration parameters to the corresponding HGM9400nxxx.lgm file.

6. Renew configuration file(HGM9400NXXXXX.lgm).

Historical Data Storage

The historical data is stored with year/month as the folder name and year/month/day as the .dat file name. The unit stores data once per minute in standby mode and once per second in other states. If the storage space of USB flash drive is less than or equal to 200MB, the earliest one-month data files stored will be deleted.

The historical data files are shown as below.

Curve of historical data

The curve of historical data could be checked and viewed by the "data analysis" function of iGMP6 test software.

In the previous chapters, we have introduced the main functions of HGM9420N/LT. If you have any questions or further demands of the control module, please feel free to contact us!

Go, genset control!

Go, China!

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China is undergoing with great trials and tribulations of the epidemic. From the initial spread to the present basic control, Chinese people have done their best.

Strictly following the requirements of protection measures, actively responding to the outbreak, while ensuring that the resumption of production, we are always in action!

The Dubai exhibition was held as scheduled and ended successfully. Service is on schedule even in special time.

SmartGen is always with you, always your trusted partner! We're always here.

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This case involves the use of SmartGen's HGM9510 parallel control module that can realize multi-units parallel connection; HGM9560 multi-units grid-connection control module can realize parallel connection of power generation and mains supply. With the cooperation of the two, it can meet the requirement of multi-units parallel connection and grid-connection with mains supply, realizing the application of the constant power output and the shear peak of the units.

The operation data of the two units are as follows

The first unit, accumulative power: 1204.4 MWH; power factor: 0.89; accumulative running time: 10,528 hours.

The second unit, accumulative power: 795.4mwh; power factor: 0.77; accumulative running time: 10,528 hours.

Site Photos

Grid-connection diagram of the two units

Constant power output: the maximum active power output of the genset is what the setting active power output of the geneset. When the gensets and the mains supply are connected in parallel successfully, the power generation begins to output the load. When the active power output of the power generation reaches 100%, the remaining load is carried by the mains supply, which can also be considered the power generation as main use. When the load is less than the setting value of active power output of the power generation, the mains supply begins to soft unload tripping.

Mains supply shear peak: mains supply first starts with load, when the active power output reaches 100% of setting value, the control module is in automatic mode, gensets start automatically, closing and paralleling with mains supply after normal operation, units start soft unloading, receiving the rest of load, when the load is lower than the setting value of active power output of mains, the units stops for soft unload tripping.

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In this special time, participating in MEE with high popularity requires not only courage and determination, but also an important inspection whether self-protection reach the standard. Chinese people are fully aware of the harm of the novel coronavirus and its infectivity. Thanks to the joint efforts and self-isolation of the whole nation, the epidemic situation in mainland China has been controlled effectively. But the global trend is not optimistic.

SmartGen arrived in Dubai as promised, without absence and giving up. We adhere to a trust, a promise, a global service concept. We are here for you whenever you need !

Making joint efforts to fight against the epidemic, for a better tomorrow of mankind !

Go, China!

Go, Dubai!

Go, the whole world!

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In the previous three chapters, we respectively introduced the powerful display features of HGM9420N/LT (with 16 built-in languages), as well as the various extension, synchronization switching, communication protocol customization, NEL((non essential load), dummy load, cloud monitoring, etc. This chapter we will introduce the PLC function of the control module.

The PLC editing interface is shown as follows

PLC elements: condition elements, action elements, settings and other areas

1. The conditional elements are shown in the following table

2. The action elements are shown in the following table

3. Setting and other areas

Logic Introduction

1. “Or” logic diagram

Description: either the input port 1 or the input port 2 is effective, the mark 1 is set to 1; otherwise the mark 1 is set to 0.

2. “And” logic diagram

Description: when the control module is in manual mode and the input port 1 is effective, mark 2 is set to 1 and the timer 1 begins to counting; Otherwise mark 2 is set to 0, timer 1 reset.

3. Combinational logic example diagram

Description: either "input port 1" or "input port 2" is effective, and "normal output of power generation" is effective, triggering " performance function 1".

Applicaion Examples

Example 1: Engie Oil Prelubrication

Engine Oil prelubrication function requirements: when it is standby, output 0.5 hour, stop output 0.5 hour; output during preheating, not during other periods.

1. The PLC logic diagram is as follows

Description: P295 engine state parameter, 0: stands for "standby"; 1: stands for “preheating".

2. The settings of the control module output ports are as follows

Example 2: Automatic clear stop alarm

Requirements: when the genset is in automatic mode, after the remote start (on-load) input is disconnected, it will automatically clear the alarm.

1. The PLC logic diagram is as follow

2. The control module input port is set as follows

Example 3: Modify the configuration parameters of successful crank conditions

Requirements: the successful crank condition of the unit is power generation + oil pressure. For the first start, the crank condition should be changed to power generation because crank cannot be judged accurately according to the oil pressure. For the second or the third start, the crank condition should be changed to power generation + oil pressure.

1. The PLC logic diagram is as follows

2. Description of successful crank

Example 4: Mutiple fans control

Requirements: when the percentage of the unit's on-load power is less than 20% and the engine temperature is greater than 60℃, Fan 1 outputs. When the percentage of the unit's on-load power is equal or great than 20%, Fan 1 and Fan 2 output; when the percentage of the unit's on-load power is equal or great than 40%, Fan 1, 2 and 3 output; when the unit’s on-load power percentage is equal or great than 60%, Fan 1, 2, 3 and 4 output. 

1. The PLC logic diagram is as follows:

2. The settings of the control module output port are as follows

The PLC function of HGM9400N could also realize data acquisition and logic control with CAN interfaces modules (chargers, HAT series control modules, etc.) by customizing CAN communication configuration quantity.

It will be continued...

We will introduce functions and usage of the Host USB interface next time.

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